Standards-Based Writing Curriculum Resources

Writing Scaffolds Tied to Standards

Click to download the standards tied to Writing Student resources: 

Common Core CCSS, Texas TEKS, Florida’s B.E.S.T.

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These writing intervention resources were designed specifically for intervention groups and special education students. 


They may be used in a resource room, Title 1 group, intervention group, special education classroom, differentiated writing center, after school tutoring, during summer school or in a homeschool setting. 


Scaffolded materials make it easy to teach:

  • Sentence Writing
  • Narrative Writing
  • Opinion Writing
  • Informational Writing 
  • Procedural Writing (How-to)
  • Friendly Letters (Correspondence)


Have students with special needs at multiple levels?  Resources are differentiated:

    1. Sentence Starters with Word Banks
    2. Sentence Starters
    3. Question Only



    Is there a pacing guide or teacher manual?

    No.  The resources are made to be print-and-teach.  I tried to make them simple and flexible so you can use them without detailed instructions.  If you have questions about specific resources, feel free to email and ask me. 



    About the Author

    I graduated from Brigham Young University and became a mild/moderate special education teacher in 2006.  I’ve enjoyed teaching at the elementary (K-6) level in Wyoming and Idaho. I am interested in task analysis, breaking down skills into steps that are small enough for even my lowest student to be successful and confident. In 2022, I became a homeschooling mother and discovered the challenges of teaching my own children how to write.  I am happy for the opportunity to share my work with you. I sincerely hope these resources will benefit you and your students.  

    ---Angela Dansie